With an air handler,the furnace can provide forced air heating as either a stand alone system of a supplement to other ducted heating system such as a heat pump.When used with a heat pump the air handler can be used as the back up heat sources and to provide comfort modulation.


When talking about a variable speed air handler,we're referencing the motor that controls the air handler fan.In a normal heating and cooling unit,the fan is either on full speed or off.A variable speed air handelr,on the other hand,is constantly running and transitions gradually from low and high speeds,depending on how much its needed.


*Energy efficient-even though a variable speed air handlers is constantly running,it is usually doing so at low level.This saves energy because your system doesnt have to constantly turn on and off,and it spends much less time wasting energy at the highest level.

*Quiter-first,variable speeds units dont cycles off and on continually,this reducing both duct and fan noise.Second,a variable speed air handler aviods this by constantly running and only runnig high when it need to.

*Better air quality-the constant movement of the fan in a variable speeds unit is also good for air quality.That's because air from your home is always running through your air filter and dehumidifier,which removes air particles and moisture all the time.

*Perfect for zoning-the flexibility of a variable speed unit also makes it perfect match for HVAC zoning.Because its easier to deliver the correct amount of air to each zone in your home.

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