Why buying Heat pumps:

It is very EFFICIENT,heat pump uses a refrigerant that automatically absorbs heat and later on releases the heat at the time it condenses.It has an evaporator that absorbs heat around areas with higher temperature and then releases this heat outside through a condenser.

Because they move heat rather than generate heat,heat pump's can provide for 4 times the amount of energy they consume.

It conserves NATURE,heat pump's most common energy sources is electricity which is often generated usin renewable resources such as water and air.This fact makes the use of the equipment's biodegradable and non-toxic.

It is QUIET,the heat pump's condensers fan systems has a three bladed fans and a unique louvered sound control top-to reduces the fan related noise.

Types of Heat pump's systems we offer:

*13 SEER heat pump R-410A/R 22 refrierant

*14 SEER heat pump R-410A/R 22 refrierant

*16 SEER heat pump R-410A/R 22 refrierant

*18 SEER heat pump R-410A/R 22 refrierant


What the SEER mean:

System efficiency is measured in SEER,which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

SEER is a measure of the overall efficiency of a complete heating and cooling system on a seasonal basis.The higher the SEER,the greater the system's energy efficiency.At the end,an efficient system will not only lower your energy costs,it will also lower your impact on the environment.


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